Welcome, reader! According to Antony Hegarty in this second decade of the new century our future is determined. What will it be? Stays all the same and do we sink away in the mud or is something new coming up? In this blog I try to follow new cultural developments.

Welkom, lezer! Volgens Antony Hegarty leven we in bijzondere tijden. In dit tweede decennium van de eenentwintigste eeuw worden de lijnen uitgezet naar de toekomst. Wat wordt het? Blijft alles zoals het is en zakken we langzaam weg in het moeras van zelfgenoegzaamheid of gloort er ergens iets nieuws aan de horizon? In dit blog volg ik de ontwikkelingen op de voet. Als u op de hoogte wilt blijven, kunt u zich ook aanmelden als volger. Schrijven is een avontuur en bloggen is dat zeker. Met vriendelijke groet, Rein Swart.

Laat ik zeggen dat literaire kritiek voor mij geen kritiek is, zolang zij geen kritiek is op het leven zelf. Rudy Cornets de Groot.

Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rage at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Dylan Thomas.

Het is juist de roman die laat zien dat het leven geen roman is. Bas Heijne.

In het begin was het Woord, het Woord was bij God en het Woord was God. Johannes.

zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Movie review : Glue (2006), Alexis Dos Santos

A sensual portret about an Argentinean adolescent.

Lucas has just turned out to be sixteen years old and wants to fuck and not awake sticky every morning. He is a bit desparate about it and askes himself if he would have been another person when he was born at another moment. His parents don’t get along well. His father lives in the city of Neuqen - which means fucking in Dutch - because his mother did not like him screwing around. She gives private schoollessons and is furies about a neighbour, who fucked her husband. Lucas doesn’t understand that his dad comes to dinner on a Fridaynight.

Lucas has a friend Nacho, who already shaves once a week and has pubic hair. We see them go to the swimming pool and talk to Andrea and her friend behind the fence about athlete’s foot. Later on Lucas goes to a doctor who gives him an ointment against it. Lucas and Nacho decide to have a party in his fathers apartment on the Fridaynight when he is at his mother’s. Therefor he steals the keys out of his fathers jacket. The boys go to Neuqen by bus. They invited Andrea before, but when they are in Neuqen she says she cannot come, so they start sniffing glue en watching porn movies. Nacho goes home later because he fears the rage of his father and Lucas falls asleep. His father finds him. He is not angry. Lucas helps him cleaning up the apartment.

Lucas and Nacho both play in a garageband. Lucas is the singer. One night they perform in a café before the main act start. Lucas sings about Russians and their wives who undress and have fun. After their concert he and Nacho start kissing Andrea in the toiletroom.

His dad comes to pick his family up for a weekend camping along a Patagonian lake. His mother complaints about the cold and says that her husband cannot even put up a tent. They see bags on the water which are flamingo’s.

Nacho says that friendship is better than familylife, a central issue in adolescent life.

The movie looks like a home video and so stresses the insecurity of young life. The camera swings in all directions for instance when Lucas is chased by other youngsters, who also steal his bike. The cuts are fast and the warm yellow colors make the world not a bad place to live in. They story is interrupted by fragments which are very poetical. We see Andrea walking in the field and wandering about human development. She feels that humans beings are acting in a real life soap. Birth is incomprehensible. Where come tears from? Lucas cannot sleep, listens to music and thinks the village is deserted. His sister is in the shower and also askes questions. She doesn’t want to look at her tits all the time and would rather be a boy and exchange long kisses. Instead we say her kissing the shower wall passionately.

This movie, made by finanial support of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, shows a realistic and at the same time poetical picture of the coming of age of an adolescent boy.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hl1Ikv6O5Ig/

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